Why is this important ?

During its first days, your baby feet will grow fast and they will reach a new size every two to three months ! At first, bare feet or simple socks will be enough, but if baby is born in Winter, don't forget comfy slippers for any walk. When they are older, around 3 year old, the pace is slowing, at least the shoe size will change "only" every six month. In between, you will need to take care of their growing feet and check the shoe size on a regular basis. 

The feet, as the rest of baby's body, are building up and are still very delicate during the first years. They are playing a key part in Baby's experience of the environment. When Baby begins to sand up and is learning to walk, every little bit of the foot is stimulated and brings its own necessary experience to the brain. It is then essential to have relevant shoes at that time.


Why choose Sheep & Tales slippers?

The Sheep & Tales slippers are especially fit for baby's feet. The inner sole is in lambs wool: the temperature is perfect, feet are hot enough but won't sweat.

The upper flap can be unfolded to cover a large part of the leg: perfect for extra covering during walks in a baby carrier !

The outer sole is in soft nubuck leather, Baby has a better contact with the ground or any other surface, and the feet can grow up freely. 

The lace enable to adjust the slippers to your Baby's ankle. 

  baby booties



The best thing is to measure your baby's shoe size before ordering. If you don't want to, or if you can't, be quiet: you have fifteen days to send back the slippers if the size doesn't correspond. 


How to measure

  • Put your baby's foot on a sheet, or at the bottom of a shoebox, 
  • Make sure the toes are perfectly flat... the difference can be big !
  • When the foot is properly positioned, use a pencil to draw the edge on the paper (or mark the top of the foot on the shoe box), still maintaining the foot flat.
  • Release your baby with a kiss or two and check your measure.
  • Congratulations ! it's not that easy to measure the feet of a baby !




Shoe Size Size UK Size in Cm Age
17/18 1-2 11 cm 0-6 months
19/20 3-4 12 cm 6-12 months
21/22 5 13 cm 12-18 months


Leather slippers

Shoe Size Size UK Size in CM Age
17/18 1-2 11 cm 0-4 months
19/20 3-4 12 cm 4-8 months
21/22 5 13 cm 8-12 months
23 6 14 cm 12-16 months
24 7 15 cm 16-20 months



Any question ? Feel free to contact me by phone or through our contact form. Don't forget that you have 15 days to change your mind and return a pair if you are not fully satisfied !