You will find some replies to the questions you may have asked. If you don't find here the information you are seeking, feel free to send your question on our contact form or call me directly. 


I am between two sizes, which size should I choose? 

Our slippers are quite large. If you are between two sizes, order the lower one. For instance, if you are 40,5, select size 40. If you order the larger one, you may "loose" the slippers easily. 


I have received the slippers, the sole is very tough, carton-like and my toe is touching the edge. Is it normal?

Yes it is. the sole is in cow leather and has a carton-like look when new. It will soften very fast and more than that, it will adjust to the form or your feet. You will have the perfect feeling of a "second skin". 


Can I wear my slippers outside (in my garden, on my balcony...) ?

Sheep & Tales slippers are perfect for indoor use, but they are only slippers... If you wear them outdoor, the sole will fast get damaged and they will not last long. You can wear them on a balcony for instance, but avoid any contact with water, the leather won't like it at all. 


How to take care of my slippers ?

Sheep & Tales slippers don't need any special care. The most important is to avoid any contact with water (I am not talking about a few spare drops when washing the dishes of course). Have you ever seen a sheep in a washing machine ? No? Don't try. You can take off dust and dirts with a shoe brush or with the green side of your kitchen sponge (without water, may I insist..). When weather is getting warmer, carefully place them in a shoe box until cold days return.