Genuine brown lambskin

Natural brown lambskin. Stand up and dare to stray from the herd with this genuine black lambskin!

Let behind the sad and soulless sheepskins of big Swedish stores and the synthetic furs looking old and dirty instantly. Nature is the best!  Genuine lambskins are easy to be looked after, thanks to its antibacterial properties. Put our skin to fresh air from time to time and it will always look great !

Did you know that only 2 out of 1000 sheep are black ones ? The true color is not black but a magnificent dark brown that will bring a touch of soft originality to your interior.


How to use  

For beginners: Place it on the bedroom floor to always get out of the right side of the bed ! Your room will become a genuine cocoon of peace in the hustle and bustle of life.

For Experts: Our soft skin will instantly transform your living room into a cosy and trendy place and add a touch of comfort. You can combine it with a black skin for an even classier effect.

For addicts: place it on the couch or on a chair and enjoy the pleasure to be as close to paradise as possible. 


About our skins

Sheep & Tales selected these lambskins for their beauty, softness and quality. Each skin is unique but we warranty a top quality. The color is natural and no dyeing has been applied. Our skins come from the European Union, coming from sheep farming applying the European regulations and working conditions. 


Average dimensions: 100x70 cm

Manufacture European Union
Dimensions around 110 cm x 70 cm
Care Air on a regular basis and brush with corresponding tool if needed
For who ? Tout le monde !


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Genuine brown lambskin

Genuine brown lambskin

Natural brown lambskin. Try it barefoot and feel its amazing softness!

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